The College of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis (CCMH) - Professional Training in Clinical & Medical Hypnosis
A full one week course of training in this very lucrative field of hypnotism.

The tutor.
Dr Bateman as well as being a well established and renowned trainer and clinical hypnotherapist spent 22 years as a cabaret hypnotist, was a member of the prestigious Federation of Ethical Stage Hypnotists.
Amongst this selected band of highly skilled hypnotists, were Paul McKenna, Tony Sands, Edwin Heath, and the late great Peter Casson
he has worked from one side of the globe to the other, demonstrating both clinical and cabaret hypnosis, and has carried out thousands of demonstrations, using the fastest techniques of which he developed over a life times work, they are without doubt, the fastest hypnotic techniques in the world today.
Dr Bateman has always advocated that, if you are going to stand out from the rest you have to be different, and with his highly skilled rapid techniques, he his certainly that. He as trained many people cabaret hypnosis throughout his outstanding professional career and only teaches the most modern and fastest techniques, as he likes to see all his students who eventually after training become professional colleagues within the profession, standing out from their very often poorly trained counter parts.
Our  students are able to hypnotise in seconds, not minutes, even if their audience participation are standing or seated, this is the quality of Dr Batemans training, he his a true master of hypnotic technique.
Lyn or any other good professional can pick out the poorly trained cabaret hypnotist by the manner in wich they conduct themselves on stage, but saying that, nine times out of ten so can the audience, so we recommend that if you are seeking to train as a cabaret hypnotist then please make sure you get the proper professional training, as it is obvious that the poorly trained hypnotist makes it look bad for all cabaret hypnotists and will only have work now and again, where upon the well trained highly skilled professional will be working on a regular basis.

We are proud to able to offer that class of skill and training.
Many people ask, what can a good well trained cabaret hypnotist expect to earn per evening, well this depends upon their location and the wealth of the area the size of the venue est.

Cabaret hypnosis is a speciality act, and unlike any other cabaret, the demands for cabaret hypnotists are on the increase, as most of the older top professionals of yesterday are now retired or approaching retirement.

Cabaret hypnosis as always been a massive crowed puller all over the world just because of the nature of what it is. Cabaret venues want to see people on seats and the stage hypnotist is the show that does just that.
A good well trained cabaret hypnotist can expect, in, lets say Wales, between £200 and £400 per one hour cabaret according to the size of the venue, and the amount of people attending the evening or function. Should one travel let us say to London or Birmingham you could expect to earn around £400 to £550 plus, Scotland you would except to earn in the region of £500 to £650 for a nights cabaret of one hour and during the month of December with the Christmas functions you can except to double your normal fees. Although the real big money is earned operating in the larger town halls, stadiums and these type of venues where upon you take a share of the overall door take.For further information
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