The College of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis (CCMH) - Professional Training in Clinical & Medical Hypnosis


Training successful Hypnotherapists since 1992
Our course is fully accredited by the Senior Awarding Body' (GHSC)
General Hypnotherapy Standards Council of Great Britain.

Hypnotherapy and Relaxation Clinic were all training is carried out has been awarded Best Hypnotherapy Clinic 2016 - South Wales

Hypnotherapy Training Standards

In February 2011, a united profession finally put in place agreed national standards for the training of hypnotherapists. Whilst flexibility in theoretical underpinning and approach has been retained, a core curriculum and learning outcomes mapped to the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Hypnotherapy must now be incorporated within any course of training that wishes to ensure its graduates will meet the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (the profession’s Voluntary Regulator)
Our professional hypnotherapy training complies to those standards

We can offer you the vey best possible training you could require to become a successful hypnotherapist with our advanced hypnotherapy training programme including solution focused therapy.  
HPD Course
Our (HPD) Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma Training which is based in Risca, near Newport, South Wales, is focused on providing the highest-quality training within the profession.
Entry requirements:
No prior knowledge required.

Advantages of being a hypnotherapist
  • No zero or pre - arranged hourly contracts
  • No Minimum wage
  • No working for someone else
  • Work the hours that suits yourself and family life
  • Enjoy helping other people live better lives

  • Eligible for professional membership
  • Able to apply for a NHS provider number
  • Public liability insurance Guaranteed
  • Qualified and professionally able to work with the paying

Advanced Practitioner Hypnotherapy Diploma (APHD)
We also offer Advanced Courses so our graduates may continue their professional development while in practice and achieve a higher level Diploma the Advanced Practitioner Hypnotherapy Diploma (APHD) (Level 5 equivalence).

Our commitment is to exceed your expectations by providing the very best support and training experience to help you succeed within the profession utilising the latest cutting edged hypnotic techniques and we cover all aspects of the subjects within our Hypnotherapy course.  
The HPD course offers the most advanced rapid induction techniques available for use in clinical hypnosis:· 

·        Elman Inductions 
·        Relaxation Techniques 
·        Relaxation with distraction 
·        Distraction techniques 
·        Lyn’s personal techniques developed over 40 years
All the above techniques have been researched and proven, with a high successes rate within the practice of hypnosis/hypnotherapy
We offer a variety of courses to choose from' full & part time  
  • One evening per week
  • Weekend courses
  • 2 week full time course 
  • 6 month course 2 weekends per month
The courses available in Clinical hypnosis and solution focused therapy are as follows:         
  • Foundation   Level 1    
  • Intermediate Level 2
  • Practitioner   Level 3 Diploma level

Who can train in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Salution Focused Therapy?
Anyone looking for a change in career, some examples of people we have trained 

  • Office workers
  • Bank managers
  • Gas fitters
  • Electricians
  • Labourers
  • Lorry drivers
  • Factory workers
  • School Teachers
  • Steel Workers
  • Shop workers
  • Counsellors
  • Psychotherapists  
  • Nurses
  • Dr's of Medicine

And many more from all walks of life who wanted a career change.
All training will be undertaken in Dr Bateman's consulting room so you really get the feel of a professional setting from the beginning of training.
We are sure that you will enjoy the learning experience with us throughout the length of the course.

For more information, please contact
Dr Lyn directly on.
Tel: 01633 615050