The College of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis (CCMH) - Professional Training in Clinical & Medical Hypnosis
Doctor of Philosophy  (PhD)    2 years (Supported home study

The College of Clinical and Medical Hypnosis Degree courses in Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy.
Your degree will be issued in Clinical and Medical Hypnosis.
All these courses are run under the personal guidance of Dr Bateman, an accredited Professor of the Syllabus of Clinical and Medical Hypnosis based in the UK.
Dr Bateman has spent a lifetime in the research of Clinical and Medical Hypnosis and has run a very busy private practice for nearly thirty five years, and it can be categorically stated that his expertise in this field is second to none!
The prerequisite qualification for the Bachelors Degree is an accredited practitioners Diploma in Hypnotherapy. This accreditation must be with a reputable association in the country where the prospective student resides.
We are affiliated to the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine. I.B.A.M all our Diplomas Practitioners Diploma, Bachelors, PhD, are earned and are awarded to the student for writing an original thesis in the science of hypnosis/hypnotherapy.
The student will be requested to submit a thesis of 75.000 words for the Doctoral Degree PhD.
All thesis work to be completed over a maximum two year period. Please contact Dr Bateman who will personally advise you further with regards to gaining entry onto a Degree Programme.